About my work

In my woodcuts, subject matters are given a coloured form. The colours create the mood of my works, and woodcut is a technique that allows colours to glow. I work on themes that are currently present in my life or my surroundings and require contemplation. In recent years, my attention has been drawn to themes related to landscapes, culture and the environment. The water element appears in both my woodcuts and my paperlithographs. Water that emerged on the earth billions of years ago. The same water flows in the ground water, rolls in the sea, condenses into mist, rises into the air and falls as rain. It is absorbed into the ground, it passes into the lakes and the oceans, and it rises up again only to rain back down. The water of life. The beginning.

About the technique

My woodcuts are multi-coloured, and quite sizeable. Mostly I use the single-block technique (reduction technique), or I combine parts of several blocks as if piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. I choose the most appropriate method for each work. To cut the motif, I use birch and pine plywood, and for printing, I have selected kozo paper. My large-format woodcuts are always unique, as are most of my works.

Cutting wood, or in practice plywood, is time-consuming, but I find slowness one of the interesting aspects of this technique. While I work, I have time to think and, ideally, working becomes a meditative process. I respect the long tradition of woodcut and the flexibility of this technique, which allows it to remain very much alive in the field of contemporary art.

Rainmaker, woodcut, 2016, 81x61 cm